Bike and Barge: Worms to Heidelberg

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July 1: Worms to Heidelberg

Todays itinerary called for biking to Heidelburg via Manheim. I didn't like the idea of having to reach a ferry on the way to Mannheim prior to 9:00AM, so we caught a train to Mannheim, found our way to the Nekkar River and biked to Heidelburg. This turned out to be my favorite biking day. (25 KM)
Water tower in central Mannheim
Park in Mannheim viewed from base of water tower
Biking along the Neckar. It's always comforting to have a sag wagon (rail line) nearby
A nice lunch stop above the ferry landing to Ladenburg.
All the bike tools you could need at the rest stop by the ferry
Instead of crossing the river to the recomended route, we continued on the left (south) bank into Heidelburg and reached the docking location before the ship. One of the cruised directors watched the bikes, allowing people to explore Heidelburg on foot. Heidelberg, along with Speyer, were my favorite stops.
Heidelburg street leading away from ship.
Central marketplatz in Heidelberg
Universit├Ątsplatz (University Square)
Outdoor dining hall at university
Heading to the Alte Br├╝cke (Old Bridge) in the early evening.
Platz at base of bridge
Tower and city gate viewed from middle of bridge. Many historic bridges in Germany have been converted to bicycle and pedestrians only.
Tower and city gate closer up
Heidelburg castle seen from bridge
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