Bike & barge: Heidelberg to Mannheim

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Instead of retracing our steps along the Neckar back to Mannheim, today's route took us by way Schwetzingen. Almost non-existent biking instructions made it difficult to get across Heidelberg at morning rush hour and out into the country.
Bikes lined up on the bank ready to depart Mannheim
With the help of Here Wego we were able to break out into the countryside.
Here we are approaching the small town of Plankstadt, where we proceeded to get lost. Along came the two tour guides who were also lost. They were able to find the way out of town after consulting locals.
Very nice rest stop in the main square of Schwetzingen.
The "lucky pig" Prince Elector Karl Theador of Bavaria in front of his palace with one of his many mistresses. There was also a statue of him on the Old Bridge in Heidelberg.
The Schwetzingen Palace
At first the green bike signs made the route from Schwetzingen to Mannheim easy to follow. But once we reached the large suburb of Rheinau, we had to call on Here Wego again.
With the help of Here Wego we reached the Neckar. Jeanine' keen eyes were able to spot the ship, which was not docked where advertised.
The Arkona docked along side the Neckar Strand (beach). "Beaches", basically beer gardens with sandy bottoms, are popular along rivers in Germany.
Another beach featuring hookahs, water pipes for smoking weed of one's choice.
Hugh crowd of people sitting at outside dining establishments in Mannheim in the evening. What do they do in the winter time?
Bikes stowed away for the night with a bike and pedestrian bridge across the Neckar in the background.
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