Bike & Barge: Speyer to Strasbourg

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We had a surprise today. Instead of biking 25 km (15 mi) to Germersheim, we did 60 KM (36 mi) to Karlsruhe. The ship's capitan was trotted out to explain that although docking space had been rented in Germersheim, it was already taken. ???

The bonus miles were not a problem for us.
Saying goodbye to the spires of Speyer Cathedral in the distance.
Passing thru the hapless Germersheim. As we rode through it, we spotted the ship that had stolen our space.
Not long after Germersheim, we decided to deviate from the official route by crossing over to the right (east) bank on a ferry. As we approached the ferry, we came across this nice lunch spot. It belonged to a local hiking club.
With the help of Here Wego we arrived in Karlsruhe near the dock before the ship was scheduled to arrive. After killing time and a few eis tuetes (ice creme cones) at a McD, we easily found the ship.
Karlsruhe harbor, a long way from beer gardens.
The only sign of tourism at this port
As a special treat we had bar-b-q on the top deck. It was hot dogs, hamburger, and port steaks. The chef is in black; and the one with the shiny head is the hotel manager.
Our resident musician set up is noise making machines to entertain us
The final day began with a cruise to a lock near Gambsheim, France. The final bike ride from Gambsheim to Strasbourg was only about 22 km (13.5 miles).
Watching a much larger cruise ship pass by.
As we approach the lock at Gambsheim, the river split into three channels.
In the Gambsheim lock
As we rode from the lock at Gambsheim, we encounted the first truly bike unfriendly situation. We were on a main road which we had to cross twice to stay on a bike lane. Soon we left the road for a gravel path along the levee. This was the hottest day, in the 90's, and there was no shade for about 10 miles. The scorched earth found in Southeast Germany due to drought is evident here.
Looking inland from the levee, more scorched earth.
Finally, as we approach Kehl some shade for a rest.
The original itinerary said the tour would end near the train station in Kehl, Germany. I had planned to get train tickets for the next part of our adventure from there using the internet. The lack of internet on the ship and the fact that the actual docking location was in Strasbourg, France, nowhere near the river caused a problem. Again Here Wego came to the rescue. It said that a slight deviation from the official bike route across the river to Strasbourg would take us past the Kehl train station. Here we were able to purchased tickets.
Our final docking spot in a channel in Strasbourg nowhere near the Rhein.
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