Cruise: Grein

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Getting organized for the Pöchlarn to Ybbs ride
Maria Taferl on the top of the hill across the Danube, an important pilgrimage site.
Photo op or rest stop?
The red lines indicate that there are bike paths on both sides of the Danube.
Ybbs rathaus (city hall). You can always find a WC at a rathaus or gemeindeamt town hall.
Ybbs church in all its Baroque splendor
Eventually the ship showed up at Ybbs; and we set sail for Grein
As we docked at Grein, I spotted the Theodor Kerner, one of the more elegant bike and barge ships
Amamagna ready for christening at Grein
Our ship made its its maiden voyage in May; but its christening occurred today with much fanfare and dignitaries. These alpinehornists warmed up the crowd. They must be very difficult to play because the group weren't completely in tune.

Prior to this I spotted members of the local Musikkapelle (band), and asked them Wann spielen Sie?. They answered Wir haben schon gespielt. When are you going to play? We already played. Bummer.

When the speeches began, I made myself scarce. Much later the ship's owner and the captain smashed champaigne bottles against the hull.
Later on we were treated to a tour of Schloss Greinburg, which belongs to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, of which the British royal family is a member. They changed the name to Windsor during the first world war. Kaiser Willie was said to quip "The opereta should have been called called The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha".
All the hallways and every room seemed to have hunting trophies.
Dining Hall
Living room?
We got a demonstration of folk dancing in the great hall.
That evening they set up an incredible array of desserts in the lounge. But I was too tired to wait for it to be ready around 10:30.
Still later there was fireworks that were impressive even viewed thru our porthole.
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