Cruise: Passau

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Overnight we sailed to Passau.

The next morning instead of a tour of the city, I took a bike ride upstream on the left bank of the Danube as far as Erlau.
Burg Krämpelstein (castle) hiding on the hillside above the Danube across from Erlau
Strange statue along the bike trail
Leaving Erlau on the way back to Passau.
Approaching Passau. The Inn River is flowing into the Danube to the left of the buildings.
In the afternoon were were bused from Passau to Vilshofen where a tent had been set up on the grounds of Kloster Schweiklberg (a Benedictine monastery) for a special "Octoberfest". The music group that accompanied beer and pretzels was a disappointment. Two accordions, a guitar, and and base doesn't make an Octoberfest band. You need some flügelhorns, tenorhorns, and a tuba. It was all a bit hokey.
More interesting than the Octoberfest was the Kloster Schweiklberg church on the monastery grounds.
The ship was supposed to change docking locations in Passau; but because of some snafu it was delayed. So our bus took a detour up to Feste Oberhaus, a castle high above the Danube across from Passau.
View of countryside on the way up to Veste Oberhaus.
View of Passau from Veste Oberhaus
Once we returned to the ship, it set sail the short distance to Vilshofen, the disembarkation spot the next day.
The ceremonial goodby in the lounge where the whole crew is presented. Here it is the chefs' turn. This time I covered my champagne glass earlier; and did not feel the effects next morning.
Official trip photo with goofy waiter taken on the last night.
Later in the evening there was another spectacular fireworks display in the Vilshofen harbor.
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