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Hay soldiers along the Drauradweg in the Südtirol (South Tyrol), Italy. (1999)
Hay soldiers in formation along the Innradweg in Tyrol. (2003)
Along the Melkerforalpenweg (Melk Alpine Foothills Route) in the Mostviertel, a region of rolling farmland between the Danube and Alps in Lower Austria. (2003)
The two characteristic features of the Mostviertel are cider (Most in German) produced from pears and Vierkanterhofs, large farm houses like the one seen here. During September the roads were full of squish from pear trees along side the road. (2003)
Raking hay along the Ybbstalweg in Lower Austria. The hay was probably cut with a small tractor. (2004)
Illinois along the Murradweg in southern Steiermark Province near the Slovenian border. The corn and grain elevator (background) were quite a change from the small dairy farms along the Alpine slopes and then hilly vineyards for most of the route. (2002
Traffic jam along the Ennsradweg near Oblärn in Steiermark Province. (2003)
Vineyard in the Wachau along the Donauradweg (2004)
Vineyards in the Vienna Woods on the way down from Kahlenberg Heights. We had taken two street cars, a suburban train, a subway, and a bus to get to Kahlenberg from our apartment in Vienna; and then we walked down to the Danube. (1998)
The last two days along the Murradweg in Steiermark Province was nothing but pumpkins. They are only used for their seeds, which are used to make kürbiskernöl (pumpkin seed oil). (2002
The only pumpkin field we saw in the Mostviertel. The pumpkins are picked up on spikes, and the machinery spits out the seeds into the trailing cart. (2003
The owner of a farm where we stayed in Lendorf along the Drauradweg in Carinthia had drinks and a tour of the barn ready for us when we arrived. (1999)
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