ACLU Hall of Fame

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Town hall in Maurach am Achensee. (2003)
Old city hall in Lindau, Germany along the Bodensee Radweg (Lake Constanz Bike Route). (2001)
City Tourist Office in Neuebeuern, Germany along the Innradweg. Art work, usually religious, on the side of buildings is characteristic of Bavaria.(2001)
ÖBF (Austrian National Forest Service) office in Göstling an der Ybbs. It is difficult to make out the two religious murals on the side of the building. (2004)
"Cross" roads on the Melkervorlandweg in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria. The Mostviertel is an area (viertel = district in German) of rolling farmland that lies between the Danube and the Alps. Its characteristic features are cider (Most in German) produced from pear trees seen along side the road and Vierkanterhofs, large farm houses like the one seen here. (2003)
No self-respecting feurwehrhaus (fire house) would be without a statue of St. Florian, patron saint of Austria and fire fighters. (2002).
Rest stop along the Innradweg east of Landek in Tyrol. (2003)
St. John Nepomok anchors the bridge across the Erlauf next to the Ötscherlandweg in Scheibs in Lower Austria. (2004)
St. John Nepomok on wooden covered bridge across the Enns River in Steiermark. He must be the patron saint of bridges. (2000)
Mary on the left and St. Florian on the right are identifiable on the bridge across the Ybbs Rivers near Lunz am See in Lower Austria. One of the other statues must be St. John Nepomok. The sign indicates that the bridge was built by the owner of the largest iron working plant in the area. (2004)
Shrine set in the side of the cliff on a public bike path along side the Achensee. (2001 or 2003)
Lunch stop along the Innradweg near Rattenberg in Tyrol. (2003)
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