Imperial Past

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Hofburg - Winter Palace in Vienna (2004)
Statues in front of the Hofburg up close. (2002)
Rear of the Hofburg from the Ringstraße. (1997)
Schloss Schönbrun (Summer Palace) in Vienna, viewed the Summer House. The palace was modeled after Versailes in France. (2000)
Schloss Schönbrun Summer House. (2000)
Fountain below Summer House at Schloss Schönbrun. (2000)
Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in Innsbruck. (1997)
Upper Belvidere Palace in Vienna, home of Count Eugene of Savoy, hero of the wars against the Turks. The Lower Belvidere Palace, which is the same size, sits behind and below the one shown. (1997)
Kaiservilla, summer home of Emperor Franz Joseph in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut. (2002 & 2003)
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