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Cooling off in a stream along side the Issarradweg between Freising and Moosburg in Bavaria. It was about the hottest day I ever experienced in Austria or Germany.(2004)
But is the bike OK? Jeanine reported being attacked by a deer that came out of corn field on our way back from supper to Ganzendorf, near St. Pölten. (2003)
Ist das trinkwasser? There are many imaginative drinking fountains along the bike paths in Alpine areas. This one is along the Drauradweg near Sillian on the Austrian-Italian border. (1999)
Crossing into Slovenia on a bike ride organized by the Bad Radkersburg tourist office. The man on the right is the ride leader. They stopped at a Buschenschank, an eating place at a winery that is typical of this part of Steiermark, and apparently Slovenia. Their main specialties are huge sub sandwiches and Sturm (early wine). Paula and Karen reported having a great time; Jeanine got tired; so I had to turn around before reaching Slovenia. (2002)
The main drag of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp on a steep hill above the town along the Donauradweg of the same name. The main victims here were non-Jewish eastern Europeans and Russians. (1998)
Ovens at Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Creepy! (1998)
Strange straw bicyclist along the Donauradweg just west of Ardagger Markt. (2004)
More strange straw figures near Ardagger Markt. (2004)
More strange straw figures near Ardagger Markt. (2004)
The Great Oskani troup of acrobats performing at dusk on the town square of Retz in Lower Austria. The performer wearing red pants and a white shirt is barely visible at the edge of the tower, just above the three windows. (2007)
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