Town Scenes

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Early morning at Frohnleiten along the Mur River in Steiermark (Styria). (2002)
Town square in St. Johan in Tirol (2001)
Convention center in Bad Ischl, a very beautiful town in the Salkammergut in Upper Austria. It was the summer home of Emperor Franz Joseph and the home of the composer Franz Lehar. (2003)
Traunkirchen on Traunsee in the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria. Traunkirchen's claim to fame is its parish church (not the one seen on the hill) which contains the famous fishermen's pulpit. (2003)
Rathaus (City Hall) in Gmunden on the north of end of Traunsee in Upper Austria. (2003)
Town hall in Mureck along the Murradweg in Steiermark. The town's name refers to the fact that it is where the river Mur turns a corner and begins to flow eastward, forming the boundary with Slovenia - "eck" means "corner" in German. (2002)
14th farm house in Hollersbach on the Tauernradweg along the Salzach River in Salzburg province. It is now the local tourist office. Interestingly, new houses all over the Alpine regions of Austria take the same form; only they made out of brick with a stucco facade.(2000)
Pedestrian zone in an unknown town center in East Tirol. (2001)
Spitz along the Donauradweg in the Wachau district of Lower Austria.(1998)
Entering Rattenberg along the Innradweg in Tyrol. (2001)
Unterburg in the Lungau district of Salzburg Province along the Murradweg. The man speaking to the person in the car is a policemen. Although every town has a Gendarmarie (police station), he is one the few I saw in 7 years of traveling in Austria. He had been teaching the school children behind him how to cross the street when the motorist failed to heed the crosswalk sign. (2002)
Podersdorf on Neuseidlersee (lake) in Burganland. Burgenland is the smallest Austria province and lies on the Hungarian border. Neuseidlersee in unique in Austria in that it is a steppe-type, as opposed to Alpine, lake. Also unlike the rest of Austria, the area is completely flat. (1998)
Prehistoric salt miner in Hallstat along Hals├Ątersee in the Salzkamergut. The town and its salt mines dates back to the Hallstat Man prehistoric era. I am not sure whether that came before or after the stone age.(2003)
Another view of Hallstat. (2003)
Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Lower Austria viewed from a bridge across the Ybbs. Known as city of towers. How many can you spot? (2004)
One of the towers in Waidhofen an der Ybbs. Inscription on this one indicates it is dedicated to farmers, townsmen, and forge workers who drove out the Ottoman Turks in the 1600's. (2004)
Melk as seen from the Benedictine Monastery above the town. Melk is the western (upstream) gateway to the Wachau, a very scenic and historic region along the Danube. (2004)s
Colorful Rococo style buidings in the thousand-year-old town of Obernberg in Upper Austria on the Tauernradweg. (1998)
Cafe Hell along the Inn River promenade in Kufstein in Tirol near the German border. Hell means "bright" in German (2005).
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