Monday Aug 13 - Bamberg

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Although there was not enough time in Bamberg for both the tour and bike riding, we opted for the walking tour. When we visited Germany for the first time in 1994, Bamberg made my short list of places to visit; but I selected Trier and Regensburg instead.

This time our ship let us off in the old town. We began the tour at the Concert and Congress Hall, home of the world renowned Bamberg Symphony, and walked along the canal in the direction of the cathedral.
The rural-like scene in the middle of town was deceptive.
The first attraction was this goofy car.
Typical Bamberg architecture
Baroque style house
Looking back towards the canal as we head up a hill to the Cathedral
Interesting house at the edge of the platz in front of the cathedral
Bamberg Cathedral: mostly Romanesce, some Gothic architecture
Side View
Interior of Cathedral
Side altar
bishops tomb
Old Court and before that bishop's residence, now a museum
"New" bishops residence, now an art gallery
Rose Garden in the inner courtyard of the New Residence
View of Bamberg from Rose Garden
The guide then took us down the hill and across the left arm of the Regnitz River into the tourist shopping area downtown.
The old town hall sits on small island in the middle of the river.
An up close view of the old town hall
Our tour guide in front of a restaurant that serves "smokey" beer, a specialty of Bamberg that he had been touting. The brewery is next door.
The smokey beer brewery. Several from the ship had tried it and were not impressed.
Small hotel in downtown Bamberg
When the tour was over we had some free time and the choice between following the guide back to the meeting place and making our own way. I had broken my mouse and attempted to find a store to replace it. But there was nothing of that sort in the upscale shopping area where we had been dropped off. So we took an alternate route and came across a large square in front of the new town hall. Here we found a four story German version of Dollar General; and I found a mouse.
We rested at this strange park.
Back to the Concert and Congress Hall to wait for our bus.
For some reason we took a bus from Bamberg to a small town on the Main River about 20 miles away before boarding our ship.
Leaving the old town we inevitably encountered a modern industrial area.
Still in Bamberg
Back on our ship and sailing on the Main River towards Würzburg
Scene along the Main.
Another Main scene in the same area. Later we would see a lot more forest.
Because of the many locks with low hanging bridges, everything on the top deck had to be collapsed and it was off limits. There was still a small seating area in front of the wheelhouse.
Leaving Bamberg (9 breweries within the city limits alone) we were leaving beer country and entering wine country.
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