Sunday Aug 5 - Vienna to Budapest

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Jeanine and I took the subway to St. Stephens Cathedral, planning to catch a high mass with classical music. The sign out side advertised Beethoven's Mass in C; but the fine print said next week.
Outside of Stephandom
Inside before mass
I had booked the rail jet, Austrian Federal Railways premier train type, to Budapest. Again fortunately I reserved seats because the only way to describe the train is that it was like a NY subway at rush hour. Only thing missing were straps.
Vienna's fancy new hauptbahnhof
Waiting for the railjet
Before leaving Vienna I had received an email which I had hoped would let us know which of several possible ship docking stations in Budapest was ours. But again plans changed, this time due to low water at a spot on the Danube between Budapest and Bratislava, most likely at the famous bend near Visegr�d. Instead we were directed to Sofitel Hotel near the Chain Bridge.

I had worried about paying for the subway from Budapest's Kiletti station to our ship since I didn't plan on getting any Hungarian Forints; and the literature said you pay by bank card, whatever than is. However when we arrived at he station, I found a transit system office with a huge map of the system on the wall and was able to get subway tickets to within a half mile of our destination at the Chain Bridge over the Danube.

But the walking part didn't go so well. Coming out of the subway, I didn't know which way was whitch; and the Google directions with map that I had printed out was no help. We finally found the Danube at the Elizabeth Bridge, a half mile downstream from Chain Bridge. I finally got my bearings and had no more trouble finding the Sofitel.
Coming out of Kiletti train station in Budapest
Trying to find Chain Bridge
The Sofitel, where we had supper, turned out to be very elegant.
View across the Danube from our hotel room to the Buda part of Budapest. The large building in the center background is the former castle.
Looking out of our room at another angle. Fortunately, the large building does not obstruct most of the sites on the other side of the river.
Chain bridge and Castle Hill from our room at night.
Mezzanine dining area where we had supper and breakfast viewed from a balcony on our floor.
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