Friday Aug 10 - Passau

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We awoke to what I consider the most interesting section of the Danube, i.e., between Aschach an der Donau and Passau. This section is lined with forested hills on both sides and very few small villages.
Small car ferry near Inzell
An unidentified small village
A bike ferry heading for the left bank at the Schlögener Schlinge. We've used it 3 times.
Hotel Donauschlinge in the small village of Schlögen
Before reaching Passau we stopped at the small port of Engelhartszell to disembark passengers who had booked optional excursions to Salzburg and Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Český Krumlov, is near České Budějovice, formerly known as Budweis, the home of budweiser beer.

Since we would be in Passau most of the day, we opted for the relatively short walking tour of the old city, the wedge between the Inn and Danube rivers.

We were now in prince-bishop country: Passau, Regensburg, Bamberg, Würzburg, Mainz, and Koblenz. Here the bishop was not only head of the diocese, but secular ruler of a territory around the city and electors of the Holy Roman Emperor.
One of the few patches of greenery in old part of Passau
The square in front of the famous cathedral. The heat wave had broken and with it a bit of rain that didn't last long.
The cathedral organ, its main claim to fame
Ceiling up close
A side altar
Our tour guide with flag lowered and microphone partially covering her face
Making our way back to the river
Still raining as we reach the river.
Feste Oberhaus, a fortress on the opposite side of the Danube
After lunch on board I biked quite a way up the Inn River, crossed over to the Austrian side and returned through farm land.

This evening we learned that due to low water on the Danube, most likely near the famous Valhalla just downstream of Regenburg. So we would sail overnight the short distance to Vilshofen, then take a bus to Regensburg. There we would board the eastbound Avalon Impression, which would turn around and head west. I presume the Impression's passengers were bused to Vilshofen and boarded our ship.
Gourmet food time in the ship's restaurant. The wine glass in the center with red must be Marcia's. I usually had white. One of the staff's only job was to go around making sure your wine glass was topped off.
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