Sunday Aug 12 - Roth and Nürnberg

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The locks in the canal are much narrower with barely enough room for one ship.
There seemed to be less than a foot on each side. The captain steered the ship from a chair on one side of the top deck. Apparently, he steered by judging the distance to the wall. If there was 1 foot clearance total, then he stayed 1/2 foot from the wall on his side.
Franconian countryside along side the Danube-Main canal.
Monument signifying we are crossing the continental divide, the highest point on Earth that is currently reached by commercial ships from the sea.
Today the Impression made two stops where one could take a tour, the relatively small town of Roth and then Nürnberg, the more or less capital of the Holy Roman Empire, but more famous for Nazi rallies before WW II and trials after the war.

We decided to bike the 12 miles between the two. All we had to do is hop on the very nice bike path along the canal until we reached our ship in Nürnberg.
The canal passed through mainly forests with occasional breaks like this.
Resting at one of the locks between Roth and Nürnberg. When we approached the lock there was a long, steep downhill. Instinctively, I thought of the uphill to follow. But I had forgotten that since we had passed the continental divide, it was downhill all the way to Amsterdam.
I kept watching for our ship, but never saw it.
We reached the dock in Nürnberg with 2 hours to spare; and out ship still had not arrived. We decided to bike to the old part of town which was quite a ways away. Using the hereWeGo app on my phone we followed a main avenue with bike path and then small residential streets until we found the city wall. Nürnberg, besides being notorious for Nazi rallies and trials, was the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire in the middle ages.
Approaching the Nürnberg city wall door.
Looking along the wall
Along the wall in the opposite direction.
Just inside the wall was the modern German National Museum. Beyond that was a ordinary city street. We thought we'd better turn around, so we never got to see the Alt Stadt.
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