Tuesday Aug 7 - Brataslava

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I woke up to what was billed as the largest lock on the Danube. Ships tended to share Danube locks with other water traffic, whereas on the Main the locks were only about a foot wider than the ship, leaving 1/2 foot on each side.
We've been lifted to the higher level.
We've cleared the lock into the very wide river.
We arrived early in the morning in Brataslava and skipped the tour since we had done a guided tour back in 1997. But I was curious how things had changed. At that time there were many dilapidated Baroque era buildings. This time I could find only one. After seeing the old center, we biked along the path on the Danube downstream to the edge of town. After dropping Jeanine off at the ship, I continued upstream a while.
The old part of town was very close to the ship. Here is a typical pedestrian zone.
Here comes Jeanine
Off the beaten track
The one ramshackle building. Notice the "renovate me" sign, in English no less.
On the way back to the river, we rested at this 3 block long park in the middle of the street.
Modern shopping center up stream from the old town.
After supper that night we had a concert by 5 young ladies: 2 violins, cello, piano, and flute. They morphed American pop tunes into a classical style that was very pleasing and classy. However, I couldn't help wondering why, since we were sailing through the heart of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, they didn't play something more appropriate like Hungarian folk tunes, Viennese waltzes, Franz Lehar operetta tunes, etc.
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