Wednesday Aug 8 - Vienna

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Our ship docked at Handelskai, about as close to the center as possible, unlike our bike and barge ship that anchored way out at Nussdorf. Despite being in port from early morning to early evening, we didn't take the guided tour since we had done two already and had been to Vienna 5 or 6 times. Instead all four of us biked uptream on the right bank (where the ship was docked), crossed over to the island, biked quite a way downstream, crossed back over, and returned by way of the Prater Hauptallee (main drag) and its amusement park. The latter reminded me of Coney Island, something you don't see much of in the US anymore. Later I went almost all the way to the center of town.
Our ship was parked just upstream of Reichsbrücke
Prater Hauptalle
Approaching the amusement park. That looks like a top hat at the base of the tower.
A better view of the top hat
That can't be Elvis!
Magic Dreamland
The wild mouse
Finally after 3 tries on previous visits to Vienna, a good picture of the reisenrad. It looks like it has been painted since the days of Harry Lime.
In the early evening I biked as far as the Kursalon in Stadt Park. Once upon a time there were outdoor Strauss concerts pitched to tourists on the terrace of Kursalon. But there appearded to be no more.
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