Thursday Aug 9 - Dürnstein & Melk

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We arrived early in Dürnstein. I skipped the tour and instead biked upstream to Oberloiben and Unterloiben. Then I headed back through vineyards to the center of Dürnstein, where I had to dismount because of pedestrian traffic; then continued upstream a while before heading back to ship. The riverside path was not quite as crowded with cruise passengers as the last time on the bike and barge tour.
Dürnstein with the castle ruin in the background viewed from near the ship landing. It apparently was too early for the other cruise passengers to make an appearance.
Between Oberloiben and Unterloiben. I did see a few "choo choo" trains running around with tourists. But otherwise it was blessedly quiet.
The characteristic kapel found all over Austria
View across the Danube upstream from Dürnstein.
Back at the ship in time to sail to Melk.
Around noon we sailed through the Wachau to Melk.
The ancient, fortified church of St. Michael between Weißenkirchen and Spitz.
Posing in front of St. Michael church
The town of Spitz with the castle ruin Hinterhaus. As I've said before it is much more intact and interesting than the more famous one above Dürnstein.
A much smaller ship docked at Spitz
Posing with Ruin Hinterhaus fading away
Relaxing on the top deck. Once we got to the Main, the top deck was closed because of the many locks with low hanging bridges.
It was lunch time before reaching Melk
This time we docked a ways from the center of town. I skipped the Abbey tour since I'd done it before and instead biked upstream as far as a lock and damn. On the way back I turned into town and continued as far as the center.
Ready to ride upstream from Melk
I had to take a picture of this, the only derelict business, house, or farm I saw the whole two weeks.
Crossing the Danube on a lock and dam housing the Melk power plant.
Melk in the distance viewed from the lock and dam.
This is the turn-off into Melk. Our ship was docked somewhat downstream. Back in 2004 I snapped a picture of Gary sitting at a table in the corner of the Gasthof under the same red umbrella (but with a different ship in the background of course).
After a little more than 1/4 mile you enter Melk proper with this spectacular view of the abbey.
I came upon a restaurant where we had eaten in 2004.
We sailed overnight all the way to Passau. I would have preferred to see more of Austria.
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