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We began the approximately 26 mile ride to Dunedin by crossing the peninsula on 9th and then 13th Ave. until it intersected with the Pinellas Trail after it makes the turn north. The route was either residential with almost no traffic or through street with either a bike lane or wide sidewalk.

The trail mostly faced residential backyards. There were many nice parks along the trail, but not much in the way of what you would call amenities until Dunedin, the exception being a McD's in Largo.
Pinellas Trail just north of 9th Ave. N. on the west side of St. Petersburg.
By the time we reached the trail we had entered Walmart Country. The trail avoids the road with bridges. Here is a particularly long one that crosses several roads near the Tyrone mall.
Another long bridge
Crossing Long Bayou into Seminole.
Amberlee Motel. It is a couple of blocks north of downtown Dunedin and backs up to the Pinellas Trail.
Our apartment
Amberlee pool
Amberlee living room
Amberlee kitchen
Amberlee bedroom
The first full day we planned to bike to Honeymoon Island State Park not far north of Dunedin. We headed north on the Pinellas Trail for about 2.5 miles, turned left onto a bike path along Causeway Blvd. We got to the top of the bridge bridge to the island when the wind picked up and the sky became very dark; so we decided to turn around. We made it back to the bike trail where there was no shelter when we got caught in a heavy, but brief downpour.

The next day, despite the fact that the storm had brought in a cold front, we headed to Clearwater Beach. First we biked the Pinellas Trail 5 miles south to downtown Clearwater, then took the spiral approach to the high bridge over to the beach.
Climbing the bridge to Clearwater Beach.
Clearwater Beach in the background.
At the top
Clearwater Marina viewed from the top of the bridge
Clearwater Beach
As you can see, it was to cold to get anywhere near the water.
The next day we headed north along the trail about 10 miles to Tarpon Springs.
About 2/3 of the way to Tarpon Springs we stopped at the very nice Wall Springs county park.
The pool at Wall Springs County Park close up
One of several plaque explaining the history of the springs
Entering Tarpon Springs. Each town along the Pinellas Trail has a sign like this.
Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs
A plaza along the Sponge Docks with restaurants and shops
The next day we tested the bike friendliness of the rest of Dunedin, i.e., away from the trail and shore, by biking east to the Countryside Mall at the intersection of Main and Highway 19. We were able to do a circular tour on quiet residential streets and main roads with bike lanes or wide sidewalks.
On the way back to downtown Dunedin.
On the way back we stopped for bar-b-que at Ely's right on the trail and only block and a half from the Amberlee.
Weever Park, about a block from the Amberlee.
Weever Park viewed from the end of the pier.
A sidewalk/bike trail runs along St. Joseph's Sound from downtown Dunedin to just south of the Clearwater city limits. Here we are heading back to Dunedin. The sign touts Dunedin's Scottish heritage.
Approaching downtown Dunedin we pass the Fenway, an historic Florida hotel recently rehabilitated.
Sunset across St. Joseph's Sound from the pier in downtown Dunedin
The last day in Dunedin we decided to try Honeymoon Island again; and this time we made it all the way.
Beach at Honeymoon Island State Park
Weird bike rack along the bike trail to Honeymoon Island Beach
After a week in Dunedin we headed back to the Park Terrace Suites in St. Petersburg for one night to pick up our suitcases. Jeanine had noticed that there was a trolley (bus) that ran from downtown Clearwater to St. Pete Beach; and using that would cut down the mileage considerably. So instead of biking all the way back to St. P., we biked to Clearwater, took the bus as far as Treasure Island, and then biked across the causeway to connect with the Pinellas Trail to downtown St. P. The route from Pinellas Trail to Treasure Island is much more bike friendly than to St. Pete Beach, being largely on a residential street.
Causeway between Treasure Island and the mainland.
No, this wasn't taken during our freezing visit to Clearwater. The middle of Cleveland street in downtown Clearwater is setup for dining during the virus pandemic in December 2020..
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