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After volunteering for a month at Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO we took the train to Deland, Fl where we spent a week. Florida was never a place that interested me; but Deland has changed my mind. Bicycling was very pleasant; and there were three state parks within 10 miles of Deland, two of them via bike paths at least part way. It also had an attractive and functional, as well as historic, downtown.
Arriving at the Deland railroad station
After finding a place to stay at the Tropical Resort and Marina near the train station, we had to go back three times to get our luggage and the suitcases that our folding bikes rode in.
Gazebo at Deland railroad station
Bike shop in downtown Deland. I was a little be too anxious to get going when we arrived; and I mistakenly cross threaded a pedal on the right (crank) side. To make matters worse I had forgotten where I packed my pedal wrench and borrowed a large crescent wrench from a track gang working at the station. The next day I discovered the threads on the crank had been completely stripped. Rule: never borrow a large wrench from a track gang to tighten a pedal.
Resting at a small post office in Glenwood, Fl, on the way back from Deleon Springs State Park northwest of Deland
Bike path on the way to blue Springs State Park southwest of Deland
Spring run at Blue Springs State Park
Spring and manatees at Blue Springs State Park
More manatees in the spring run at Blue Springs State Park
Ferry to Huntoon Island State Park west of Deland. This was the only entrance to the state park.
Cypress knees along the Huntoon Dead River, Huntoon State Park
Resting along a hiking trail in Huntoon State Park
Sand hill cranes right outside our door at the Tropical Resort and Marina, Deland


In January of 2012 we again took the train from Colorado to central Florida. We spent 2 weeks in Deland, 5 days in Sebring, and 8 days in Winter Haven, all served by Amtrak.

In Deland we again stayed at the Tropical Resort and Marina. This time an employee of the resort picked us up at the train station.

We visited all our favorite places, downtown Deland and Blue Springs, Deleon Springs, and Hontoon Island State Parks. Gary, Lynn, and Paula joined us for the second week; and we revisited the same places plus Wekiwa Springs State Park between Deland and Orlando.
Tropical Resort and Marina
After the rest joined us, we moved to a 3 BR, LR, Kitchen/DR unit. Our one BR unit is in the background to the right.
Living it up at Tropical Resort
Wild turkeys at Tropical Resort
View from dock at Tropical Resort
Sandhill crane viewed from the shores of Lake Beresford at Tropical Resort
Along the route to downtown Deland
Courthouse in downtown Deland
Obstacle on the way back from downtown Deland
Resting on the bike path to Blue Springs State Park.
Hiking trail along Blue Springs Run
Ferry across St. John's River to Hontoon State Park.
Gary had brought his canoe from home and it gave us a chance to see the Hontoon Dead River up close. Hontoon Island is surrounded by the St. John's River, Hontoon Dead River, and a small creek that connects the two rivers.
From the canoe on the Hontoon Dead River
A closer view
More wildlife on the Hontoon Dead River
The entrance to Deleon Springs State Park.
The spring at Deleon State Park
The Old Spanish Mill restaurant where you make your own pancakes is more of an attraction than the springs at Deleon Springs State Park.
Unfortunately Wekiwa Springs State Park, the last state park we visited, was outside of bicycle range; so we a piled into Gary's van. While Jeanine and I took advantage of the bike trail and spring/pool, Gary, Lynn, and Paula canoed the Wekiwa River.
Springs at Wekiwa Springs State Park
On the Wekiwa River near Wekiwa Springs State Park
Along the banks of the Wekiwa River
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