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Log on

Note: By executive decree,  all volunteers have the same password, namely the code to open the 17th Street door.


Setup Parameters

The following parameters govern how the system operates:

Set up and manage volunteer categories

Categories can be used to limit the functions available to a volunteer.  For example, SETUP could be limited to only those assigned the ADMIN category. Or phone answering could be limited to those assigned the PHONE category. Real-time processing with a tablet could be limited those designated PICKUP SUP.  Note: this has not been implemented.

Set up and manage Buildings

Entering addresses for clients who live in named buildings and trailer parks is greatly simplified by the concept of Buildings (See below).

You can automatically create a pickup list and delivery orders for parishioners for special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter. To do so

Once a date is set, it works the similar to regular Tuesday and Thursday pickups.   It appears in the list of dates at order entry; it appears in the pickup lists for printing and real time processing; it can be closed out, no shows are recorded; and the results are included in history data.  Clients can be added to the list in the "real time processing screen".

Similarly, delivery orders are created for parishioners, including optional note, ready for volunteer assignment.



Click CLIENTS in the menu on the left hand side. To view, modify, or delete a client, first select it.

Selecting a client

Adding a client

Note: When you add a client, the SELECT CLIENT and ADD CLIENT options are disabled; that is you are forced to SAVE CHANGES or DELETE CLIENT.  You can't leave a blank client dangling.

Modifying a Client

Note: No attempt will be made to determine if a new client is a duplicate.


Note: Clicking SAVE CHANGES does not update assignments. You must click ASSIGN/UNASSIGN CATEGORIES.

Pickup & Delivery Service

From this screen you can:

Answering the phone

A "pantry" delivery should be entered using the PHONE feature.. 

Pick Up Date Selection

Curbside Pick Up

Pickup list for printing

Pick list for real-time processing


Remove client from Pick List

While it is unlikely that a client call and say un-schedule me; I can't make it, a client could have been entered in error.

Reschedule Pickup

The list of clients eligible to be rescheduled include

The list of dates for rescheduling is the same as if it were a new order, i.e., governed by the NUMBER OF PICKUP OPTIONS set in the SETUP screen.

Note: Rescheduling a client does not affect their being assessed a "no show". deliver"

Modify Pickup Notes

You can modify or add to the notes associated with a client's pickup or delivery

Note: pickup and delivery notes are limited to 100 characters.

Remove Pickup List

This feature removes pickup lists that have been created; but will not be used; such as holidays, canceled dates, etc.  Click

Note: Pickups that have been closed cannot be deleted.  If necessary, they can be reopened (see next feature).

Reopen Pickup List

From time to time pickup lists get closed out when they shouldn't.  The feature allows you to reopen pickup lists within the last two weeks or in the future.

A condensed version of "real time" processing for cell phone,  tablet, and PC  is available. Either

You will be selecting a client from the current day's pick up list.  If it is not a pickup day or the list has been closed out, the message "No pickups today or closed out!"  will pop up.

 Otherwise, Selecting a client is a three step process

To continue:

If you used the paper method to mark off who showed, you can also use the cell phone program to record the results after the fact. You might have access to a phone, but not a computer.

Add a client to the pickup list curbside

At the discretion of the curbside supervisor, a client can be added to the pickup list and served.

Home Deliveries

Home deliveries are intended for clients, who at the discretion of the phone volunteer, are not able to take advantage of curbside pickup. Occasionally, someone meet a client in the pantry and distribute food.  This is treated as a delivery.

Assigning Deliveries to a Volunteer


View and Remove Delivery Assignments

Note: a volunteer might want to consult this screen to get pertinent information prior to making a delivery.

Canceling Deliveries

Closing out Deliveries

Deliveries for which a volunteer has been assigned will be automatically closed out as "Delivered" after a certain amount of days have passed since their order date. The number of day is currently set at 7; but can be changed on the SETUP screen.

A delivery can be closed out manually by  clicking MANUALLY CLOSE OUT DELIVERIES. Closing out a delivery includes


Bagger list

For each pick up and each delivery scheduled for current and future dates, the following is displayed:

Click PRINT to display the list suitable for printing.

Purge Obsolete Data

Note: Service statistics do not include pickups or deliveries that have been purged.

Email Volunteers



To return to the menu from a report, click on the title at the top.

Service History Details

For selected beginning and ending dates, displays:

Monthly statistics - complete

Displays for last 12 months by month:


Database Tables