2010 Boston to Connellsville

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Day 2: Boston to Connellsville - Miles 41 - Weather partly sunny and mild - Lodging Melody Motor Lodge, $55.

Today we are on the Yough River Trail - North Section, which could be further broken down into the McKeesport - Smithton and the Smithton - Connellsville segment. The first seemed to have many more towns, services, rest areas, rest rooms, etc.; and I rated its trail condition as the best of the GAP.
A tranquil section of the Yough.
Historic Dravo Cemetery and campground
Campground and rest rooms at Dravo Cemetery
Between Boston and West Newton.
We had lunch at the trailhead near Smithton.
Between Smithton and Connellsville, the trail developed a green bump in the center. It didn't cause us any trouble, but some have reported difficulty with a two-wheeled trailer.
The Banning Trestle near Whitsett, named after the Banning #1 mine, still carries the Wheeling and Lake Erie RR.
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