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While planning my Fall 2011 bike tour I came across a website touting the Hennepin Canal Trail that runs from near the Mississippi at the Quad Cities to the Illinois River.  I had given it a look back when it was still unimproved and thought no more of it.  The above mentioned site caused me to take a second look; and with considerable help from it, I came up with the following itinerary:

Day 1: Take the Illinois Zephyr from Quincy to Kewanee and then bike north to the trail and then to the Colona end and spend the night in East Moline.

Day 2: Bike to the Sheffield Inn near the intersection of I80 and Ill 40.

Day 3: Bike to Bureau Junction, backtrack to Bridge #4 and then north Princeton, and take the Illinois Zephyr back to Quincy.

In the field,  I made a couple of modifications and wound up with the following.
A. Kewanee Amtrak B. Super 8, Geneseo C. Sheffield Inn, intersection of I80 and Ill 40. D. Princeton Amtrak
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