Day 1 - 41 miles

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No sooner had I left Kewanee that the hills started - 7 in all. This was a surprise since I had biked from Macomb to Kewanee a couple of times, and it was Central Illinois flat south of Kewanee.
At the top of another hill looking back towards Kewanee
I had no idea there was terrace farming in Illinois
The hills ended about the time it cleared up and the strong head wind began.
Aqueduct 7 over Genesseo Creek at mile 50.3
East of Genesseo. The trail surface is what I call oil & chip and some call chip & seal - the poor man's asphalt. It looked like it had been around a while; but was smoother than many streets and roads you will encounter in Illinois.
Izaak Walton League Lodge near Ill 82 north of Geneseo.
Lock 24 NE of Geneseo.
Day use area at Lock 24
Very attractive downtown Geneseo
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