The Long of it

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My son and I drove to the trail head parking lot at the new Page Avenue bridge; biked to the Kirkwood Amtrak station; and took the afternoon train to Warrensburg. We made use of what bicyclists refer to as "roll-on, roll-off" service that costs $10. After the night in Warrensburg, we braved the MO 13 traffic to Clinton before actually starting the Katy trail ride. Our over nights were Windsor, Booneville, Tebbetts, and Marthasville.
A sad situation - not the building, the flat tire.
Testing the outer limits
Clinton trailhead
Tunnel of trees between Calhoun and Clinton
More typical of Clinton-windsor segment
Approaching Green Ridge early in the morning.
We had planned to stop for breakfast at a bar and grill just off the trail. Unfortunately it had gone out of business; and we were forced to purchase something at the Casey's gas station. When we went to eat at the the picnic shelter in the park across the street, we ran into the spit and whittle crowd drinking their coffee, also from Caseys. A truly sad sight!

I see from the Katy Trail Website that the bar and grill has been resurrected.
Near Clifton City
Nice restrooms, but no services
It was at the Clifton City trail head that we ran into a group of 6 riders who were tag teaming it with a van. We would run into them them several more times along the trail.
One of the few reminders of the railroad at mile 213.2 about 2 miles east of Clifton City
Old MKT bridge at Booneville
Everybody's favorite, the Rocheport tunnel viewed from the west.
Rocheport tunnel east (Rocheport) portal.
Downtown Rocheport.
Perche Creek trestle between the junction with the MKT Trail to Columbia and McBaine.
While Kevin detoured to Columbia via the MKT trail to visit a friend, I detoured into Jefferson City. To get there you have to cross a busy four-lane bridge across the Missouri. For some strange reason, the bridge has a bike lane only in the northbound direction. To go south into Jeff City, I had to take the lane and hope for the best.
Out in the open along Mo94 east of N. Jefferson
Turner Katy Trail Shelter
When we arrived at the shelter, our friends with the van had already set up on the picnic tables with snacks and beverages and invited us to join them.
Once again along Mo 94 at the Grand Bluffs Conservation Area
Steamboat Junction
Crossing the Loutre River just before Mo 19 at Mckittrick.
Mo 19 between Mckittrick and Herman
Old Missouri River bridge into Herman. It has since been replaced by a new one with nice wide shoulders.
Entering Hermman
Hermann street scene
Approaching Treloar
Treloar with Treloar Bar & Grill
In the vicinity of Peers and Peers Store
Jeanine and some friends joined us with camping gear for the final evening in Marthasville. We camped at the Community Park. Our friends with the van also joined us; and Jeanine invited them to share home made sweet rolls for breakfast the next morning.
Community Club Park park in Marthasville
We all biked as far as Augusta. I then continued on to the parking lot at the new Page Avenue Bridge where I picked up the van and drove back to Augusta.

The rest SAGed back to Marthasville in the van while I biked. That way I could say I bike the whole distance, the Augusta to Marhasville ride making up for the Page Avenue to St. Charles portion I missed.
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