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I enjoyed the 5 day, all the way tour so much that I planned a shorter 4 day, 30-40 mile per day trip from Sedalia to Herman with my wife, Jeanine.

Itinerary: We drove to the Amtrak station in Hermann and were fortunate enough to have someone volunteer to follow me in our car across the Missouri to the trail head parking lot in Mckittrick. He then drove me back to the station, where we boarded the afternoon train to Sedalia. We spent the night in the classic Hotel Bothwell before starting the ride the next day.
Our jumping off spot - the beautifully restored MKT station in Sedalia.
Lamine River Bridge between Clifton City and Pilot Grove
A branch of the Lamine River.
A shady spot on the descent into Booneville.
Abandoned ceramic tile clad grain elevator east of New Franklin
the east portal of the Rocheport Tunnel
Along the Missouri east of Rocheport
The Hartsburg Inn, Hartsburg. She didn't quite make it after setting up the shot.
Todays mileage being only 22 to Turner's Katy Trail Shelter in Tebbetts, I decided to make the 18 mile round trip detour on the MKT trail into Columbia while Jeanine took it easy at the junction.
Having positioned our van at the McKittrick trail head, we avoided having to cross the (then) narrow bridge back to the Amtrak station in Hermann.
A more recent ride from Marthasville to St. Charles and back
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