Troy Super 8 back to Wanda Trailhead - 19.7 Miles

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The continental breakfast was probably the same as the usual Super 8, pastry, waffles, fruit, two types of cereal, and hard boiled eggs. Of course we had to take it to our room. This was an improvement over the two motels we stayed at on the way back from Florida. They both used the virus as an excuse not to provide anything for breakfast

We headed north back to the Goshen Trail. In only 1.3 mile we reached the Glen Carbon Trail junction. You turn right onto a 0.6 mile trail that then turns left and drops down to the Glen Carbon, which goes underneath the Goshen. The connector must have been a railroad track connecting to the 2 perpendicular lines; otherwise there would be no need to go 0.6 miles out of the way.
Glen Carbon Heritage Trail after passing under the Goshen.
Tunnel under Il 159. The sign under the small Il 159 sign said "MCT Ronald J. Foster Trail". Normally, that would mean we were passing under it. That was a mystery to me since I knew of no trail crossing here nor a Ronald J. Foster Trail. It wasn't until later that I found out that the Glen Carbon also goes by the name Ronald Foster. So in this case, the sign describes our trail, not something we are passing.
Shortly after taking a sharp right onto the Nickel Plate Trail, we came to Glen Carbon. I thought about turning into the interesting looking town; but the hill around the corner dissuaded me. So we pressed on to the nearby Miner Park.
It was lunch time so we pulled off the trail. Fortunately, there was a bench on the edge of the park because it was closed. Totally uncalled for, in my opinion.
Somewhat later we passed the large Greenspace North Park that was surrounded by a large fence. I suppose there was opening somewhere, in normal times that is.
After passing the Nickel Plate, Goshen, and Nature Trail junction again, we came to the first trail amenity, restrooms at the Leclaire Trailhead.

The Leclaire area contains several restored railroad repair shops and offices and an historic neighborhood. I wish we had stopped to look around.
Again, totally uncalled for.
Soon after leaving the Leclaire Trailhead we came to turnoff to connect to the Quercus Grove Trail for a short distance. Jeanine rested while I continued ahead for a mile or so where the Nickel Plate turned to crushed limestone and pea gravel. I wanted to see what it was like. It was in good shape similar to the Great Allegheny Passage and the Katy Trail on its good days.

We then rode through the interesting Edwardsville downtown. Jeanine was looking for a ladies room; so we stopped at the MCT station. But of course it was closed.
A block and a half from Main Street we turned into the Watershed Trail for the last leg. Within a block or two we were back in the woods.
It was approaching lunch time so we pulled into Hoppe Park home of the Watershed Nature Center, only the third park we had encountered.
Again we found a convenient bench for a picnic.
Not long after leaving the park, we crossed another long, high bridge.
All to soon we arrived back at our starting point.

We had encountered many walkers and even more cyclists on all the trails. This remote parking lot is evidence.
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