Palmyra to Dewitt

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In 2009 what information I could find regarding the condition of the Port Byron - Camillus section of the Erie Canal Trail wasn't too promising. So we gave it a pass. We left the recommended route at Newark, the eastern end of the Heritage Trail, and headed south to lodging near Auburn. We returned to the Old Erie Canal section at Dewitt, an eastern suburb of Syracuse.

This time I decided to give it a try, and was glad I did. The trail was in very good shape and was scenic and historic. But before reaching it, we headed south at Palmyra to the Red Carpet Inn near Phelps. We then headed back north east to the trailhead at Port Byron and continued to Memphis, where we headed south to the Camillus Inn on the western outskirts of Camillus. We then headed back north to the Port Byron-Camillus section and continued to its end at Warners Road (NY 173). We more or less followed the recommended route through Solvay and Syracuse to the Old Erie Canal trailhead in Dewitt, detouring 3 blocks for Dinosaur BBQ.
Rare traffic on rural road between Palmyra and Phelps
Ominous clouds approaching Phelps.
Phelps - a fine example of upstate NY Victorian architecture.
Typical bike lane on NY state highways between Phelps and Port Byron
Lunch in the Gastgarden at an Austrian restaurant in Weedsport. I could tell it was Austrian because the menu included wienerschnitzl, jaegerschnitzl, sauerbraten, and bratwurst with kraut and red cabbage. The only inauthentic item was the hot so-called German potato salad.
Victorian-Queen Ann? in Weedsport
Dry lock between Weedsport and Jordon
The lock must have served both the original and the enlarged versions of the canal
Mural on historic building in Jordan
At the small town of Memphis we again left the trail and headed south to the Camillus Inn on the western outskirts of Camillus. Since there were no restaurants nearby, we had our supper delivered from a standard pizza/calzone restaurant.
There was a hill between the canal and Camillus. Here we are heading back to the canal in the valley
Very nice Camillus Erie Canal Park along the trail.
Sims Store Museum in Camillus, one of the most interesting museums along the trail. Unfortunately we got there before they open.
Lock house at Sims Store. Lock is to the right.
Lock between Sims Store and the eastern end of the Port Byron - Camillus section
Before we knew it, we reached the eastern end at Warners Road (NY 173). We easily made our way through the industrial section of Solvay and into downtown Syracuse.
Interesting Ukrainian Catholic Church on the west side of Syracuse. I'd seen many churches with onion domes in Austria, but not with four of then.
We had to detour the 3 blocks to the Dinosaur Bar-B-Q. Unfortunately, we reached it at 10:00AM and it didn't open until 11:00. We killed time by playing cards. I ordered the full rack of spare ribs plus two sides and split it with Paula.
Syracuse - one of the easier cities to get through. The first time I'd seen painted bike lanes, although I later noticed that they are painting green lanes near Union Station in Chicago.
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