Utica to Schenectady

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Leaving Utica we passed the largest collection of semi-abandoned factories I've ever seen. I say semi because parts of the huge buildings contained small businesses. They reminded me of huge buildings on former collective farms in the Czech Republic. They also had small portions occupied by small operations.
Another almost abandoned factory
Victorian beauty in Mohawk
Historic Herkimer Church dating from Revolutionary War times, between Mohawk and Little Falls.
Another view of Herkimer Church
Lunch stop along a new section of trail on the outskirts of Little Falls.
View of the main part of Little Falls across the river/canal. Last time we spent the night in Little Falls; but here we passed it right by.
Paved Mohawk-Hudson rail trail east of Little Falls
A deluxe model at a lock just before Fort Plain. It was one of the few portal potties we encountered on the trail
Because of a bend in the river, the route to our next and last night's stop in Palatine Bridge was shorter if we crossed over the bridge at Fort Plain to Nelliston, rather than staying on the trail to Canajoharie, which is right across the river from Palatine Bridge. It had the added advantage of an ice cream stand half way between Nelliston and Palatine Bridge

Through a mix-up, two of the three rooms I had reserved at the Palatine Motel were already occupied. Fortunately, Ann had made a reservation at the only other motel in the area. She was able to accommodate Lynn; and the rest of us fit in the one room available at the Palatine. The owner admitted he had made a mistake and refunded half of the room rate.
Back on stone dust east of Palatine Bridge
This time we just happened to pass the Shrine of the North American Martyrs at Auriesville on Sunday morning and decided to climb the hill to attend mass at the enormous "coliseum" on the grounds of the shrine.
The main grounds is very scenic and flat.
Stations of the cross on shrine grounds.
Church where we attended Mass. There was a good size crowd; but it was dwarfted by the huge church.
Heading back down to the trail on the back road from the coliseum.
After Amsterdam we were put back on the road. But as always, NY state highways seemed to be designed for bike tourng.
Approaching Schenectady we passed the last lock (on this tour at least).
Prior to boarding the train for the trip west, we stopped at Katie O'Byrnes, a nice restaurant in front of the station. Since I would be getting a free (paid as part of the sleeping car fare), I settled for a beer.

The trip back was uneventful and pleasant..
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