Danube Bike & Barge: Day 2

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Day 2: Linz to Grein (37 miles)

The first 10 miles or so until the Abwinden power plant was spent on one of the less interesting parts of the route. It ran on a levee with the river on one side and a marsh on the other and no shade or rest spots.

The next few miles took us away from the river through more interesting farm country until we got back to the river at Mauthausen. Since we had toured the infamous Mauthausen Konzentrationlager (concentration camp) back in 1998, we didn't climb the hill.
I had to get a picture of the Mauthausen town hall. It had the only public restroom in all of Austria that I would classify as dirty.
As we were passing through Mauthausen, our ship just happened to be passing by.
Downtown Mauthausen
Just beyond Mauthausen at the small village of Albern, we turned away from the river through farm country for a short while.
Soon we were back on the levee
As we approached the small town of Mitterkirchen we came upon what is called a "bikestation". The scene remined me of coming into a small town during RAGBRAI with all the bikes in and along side the road.
Of course a Bike Station would have to have a restaurant.
The outhouses at the Bike Station had running water.
If if weren't for the hills in the background, you would think we were in Illinois.
Large farm house at Mettensdorf. Shortly after this we returned to the Danube. There were hill on both sides of the river again; and we knew we were approaching our destination for the day, Grein.
Back on the Danube with Grein ahead
As we approached Grein a large cruise ship was heading downstream with the small village of Wiesen on the right bank.
The previous two times we biked this route, we rode on the right bank and passed Grein right by. It was nice to explore the interesting town surrounded by hills.
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