Danube Bike & Barge: Day 4

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Day 4: Emmersdorf to Tulln: 21 miles plus 16 extra Krems to Hollenburg and back

Today took us through the most scenic and historic section of the Austrian Danube, the Wachau.
We are still at river level at Aggsbach-markt with Ruine (castle ruin) Aggstein on the hill in the background
Fish statue at Aggsbach-markt round-about
Another view of the fish
Closer view of Ruine Aggstein
Groisbach. We've climbed above the river through orchard country, mainly apricots.
In Willendorf the volunteer fire department and town band room share the same building. Venus in Venussaal refers to the Venus of Willendorf, Venus figurine estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BC and found near Willendorf.
Approaching Schwallenbach, another apricot town.
Downtown Schwallenbach
A Kapelle (roadside shrine) typical of Austria
Ruine Hinterhaus just outside of Spitz. We had hiked up to it twice before; so we passed on by
Beautiful gasthof in Spitz
We've now entered vineyard country after leaving Spitz.
Heading back down to the river through the vineyards.
Approaching the ancient church of St. Michael between Spitz and Weißenkirchen.
The original church of St Michaels, dating back to the 10th century, was fortified in the 15th century by adding a defense tower and battlements
Interior of St. Michael
Approaching Weißenkirchen
Weißenkirchen church
Statue with umbrella below the church in Weißenkirchen
We've dropped back to the river with Ruine Dürnstein on the hill up ahead
Dürnstein getting closer
We had visited Dürnstein several times before. So when instead of following the bike route on narrow streets through town, we took a path along the river. This turned out to be a mistake because it was clogged with pedestrians. Turned out tour buses and cruise ships drop off their passengers at the edge of town onto this path.
Unterloiben a small wine village just downstream from Dürnstein and Oberloiben.
Back up into to the wine terrace between Unterloiben and Krems.
There is not much room between the river and rocky hillside as we approach Krems; so we have to share the road with trucks.
Again, we had to wait a while for our ship to arrive at our landing spot that was somewhat downstream from the main docks. We are actually looking at a suburb of Krems, Stein an der Donau.
Resting up on the boat deck in Krems before going out for some bonus miles.
Since we would be cruising from Krems to Tulln (another 27 miles) and it had been a relatively short day, I decided to get back on the bike again after a little rest.

The destination was Hollenburg by way of Mautern and Angern. On previous trips we had stayed at Angern and Hollenburg. On one of them 10 years ago not far from of Mautern, Jeanine's bottom bracket came loose and was damaged. My brother Gary, who travels fully equipped, pulled a tether out of his panniers and towed Jeanine the rest of the way to Hollenburg. At the time it seemed fortunate that there weren't any serious hills. This time I counted two serious hills - must be age.
Benediktinerstift (Benedictine Monastery) Göttweig
Returning on the bridge about a mile downstream from Krems.
While I was biking to Hollenburg, Jeanine, Janelle, and Marcia went on a walking tour of Krems, which claims to be founded in the 900's.
Roundabout near the main ship landing site in Krems
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