Danube Bike & Barge: Day 5 plus Vienna

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Day 6: Tulln to Vienna - 20 miles

Since a coach tour of Vienna was scheduled to depart around 11:00AM, all but myself opted to stay on the boat for the cruise from Tulln to Nussdorf, a district of Vienna where some cruise ships dock.
Floating stage at Tulln
Kaiser Marcus Aurelius along the trail at Tulln
On the levee just before Greifenstein and the power plant dam.
Augustinian monastery of Klosterneuburg just outside of Vienna
The entrance to Vienna hasn't changed much, still sort of nondescript.
Beer hut across the street from the city limit sign.
While I biked to Vienna, the rest enjoyed a cruise for a change.
Janelle and Marica
Passing through a lock
Covered aft seating area in front of the wheelhouse, one of two seating areas.
Uncovered fore seating area. It did have a glass partition surrounding it as protection from the wind.
Bike were stored in the center of the upper deck.
I again beat the ship to its landing site at Nußdorf. Not long after it arrived, we were loaded onto one of two buses for a tour of Vienna. On one the tour guide made announcements in German and English (more or less), and the other in Spanish and French. The tour made stops where we could get out at the Hundertwasser and Schloss Belvidere, then circled the Ringstrasse before dropping us off near the Hofburg.
Nußdorf weir and lock complex near the upstream entrance to the Danube Canal
St. Francis of Assisi church. To get to the interesting stuff, we went by way of an uninteresting highway.
Famous ferris wheel (reisenrad - literally riding wheel) in the Prater, a large park near the center of Vienna. It was featured in the The Third Man movie.
Closer view of the ferris wheel. Although taken through the coach window, this was a much better picture than the one taken on the spot in 1998.
A modern building along the Donaukanal (Danube Canal) which was originally an arm of the Danaube, but was "regulated" in 1598. It borders the eastern edge of the old city of Vienna.
The tourist ogling the Hundertwasserhaus, a wierd apartment house built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser who had fear of straight lines.
Hundertwasserhaus up close
A view of Hundertwasserhaus around the corner, showing the trees growing out of the building.
The courtyard was off limits to tourists in order to preserve the resident's privacy
A mixture of architecture styles along the Danube Canal.
Old style Straßenbahn (street car) on Prinz Eugen-Straße
Prinz Eugen-Straße
Upper Belvidere Palace
Lower Belvedere Palace viewed from Upper Belvedere Palace with the Vienna Woods in the background. The upper palace is located on high ground just outside the Ring south of Stadt Park.
More beautiful Viennese architecture
The tour bus dropped us off on the Ring near the Hofburg for some free time, which we basically spent walking around admiring the classic buildings along the ring.
Austrian parliament building on the Ring
Rathaus (city hall) on the Ring
Back of Rathaus
Across the Ring is the Hofburg, the Hapsburg winter palace
Inside the Hof (courtyard)
More Hof
The Michaelerplatz entrance to the Hofburg
Another statue at the Michaelerplatz entrance
Michaelerplatz. Leading out of the platz slightly to the right is Kohlmarkt, a pedestrian zone leading to the center of Vienna.
Viennese clock museum in a quieter neighborhood behind Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral).
Nearby bank
It seems the princess craze has hit Austria
Puntigamer is a beer. Radler Tankstelle is German for bicyclists' gas station. Kaiser beer also uses the tankstelle for advertising, but this is my favorite.
Another means of transportation
By the time we got back to the ring near where we could catch the Straßenbahn back to the ship, we were ready for a rest. The park in front of the Rathaus decked out as a biergarten (what else?) hit the spot.
Jeanine rested while I went off in search of ein bier.
We took the strassenbahn (street car) back to the Nussdorf stop and walked the rest of the way back to the ship.

Around supper time the ship reversed course and began the return trip back to Passau.
Danube scene
Somewhere in the Wachau
Very nice ship's lounge. It was on the upper deck and offered excellent views on three sides. In contrast, the dining room was on the lower deck; and the only thing you could see out the window while seated was sky.
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