Schärding and the Inntal

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After a 4 and a half hour ride to Passau on an ICE, we transferred to an ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railroad) regional express for the 12 minute ride to Schärding. In a world of constant change, it was comforting to see the familiar "city shuttle" train set sitting in the Passau station.

We walked the approximately one mile to Haus Wagner following Google map's directions, but became confused when we reached Obere Stadtplatz. Before long we found another way that was only slightly longer.
Schärding Obere Stadplatz (upper - as opposed to lower - main town square)
Another view
Ferienwohnen Astro - Haus Wagner. Jeanine and I had a large apartment on the 2nd (3rd floor). This is the kitchen and DR looking from the LR.
Deck overlooking the Inn River. In the background to the right across the bridge is Germany.
Relaxing on the deck
Looking downstream from our deck.
The next morning we rented bikes from a bike shop only 4 blocks from our lodging. I had emailed the owner telling him when we would arrive and what we needed. When we arrived, he remembered the email, but had not done anything about it. He was able to come up with 4 used bikes that were for sale. But the problems was that one of them, an expensive mountain bike, didn't fit anybody. So I wound up with it even though it was too small for me. Of course the threadless handlebar stem could not be adjusted.

We headed south along the Inntal Radweg (Inn Valley Bike route) towards Richersberg about 12 miles south.
In this area, the bike path alternates between the river and higher ground before winding through farmland high above the river. Here we have dropped down to the river's edge with the autobahn in the background.
We had lunch at a Jausenstation (snack bar)
Self Service please. The Jausenstation is only open starting at 2:00PM on Sundays and holidays, and then only if nice weather.
We rested at Stift Reichersberg, an Augustinian Monastery, in the town of the same name. Here is the entrance to the quadrangle.
The other end of the quadrangle at Stift Reichersberg
As we were returning on a section that ran right along the river, we got splashed with waves. When we got back, the river had risen to completely cover the promenade. Notice the light whose stand is partially under water. Herr Wagner blamed it on Tirol, the the province in western Austria through which the Inn flows.
The flooding made us a little nervous since we were so close to Passau where the Inn empties into the Danube. The Bike & Barge literature cautions that there is a possibility that flooding would raise the river to where cruise ships could not fit under bridges.
The next day we biked up the Pram Valley, away from the flooding Inn. Here we have crested a hill and can look back at Schaerding.
At the top of another hill, we came to an enclosure with what looked like goats with fearsome horns. You can just barely see the horns on this one.
When we arrived back at our lodging, the Inn had receded to where the promenade was no longer under water; and the fire department was clearing away whatever mud was left behind by the flood waters. Oddly enough, we could see several children riding in the cab with the fireman.
Standing on the promenade the next morning. Haus Wagner is the light colored house in the background protected by the flood wall.
Pointing to where the flood waters had reached at their highest point. Our deck is in the background.
Opening in the flood wall leading to a pathway along side Haus Wagner leading up to the street. During the flood this had been sealed off with a metal door that the firemen had installed. People must have been shorter when this was constructed.
Entrance to the street at the top of the pathway. The little bridge is the entrance to Haus Wagner.
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